Have you ever heard of that wonderful diet that works well and then a few months down the line you back to your old weight? .
Have you ever wondered why dieting doesn't really work or provide a lasting solution ?

Abalisious health and wellness have the tested keys to help lose weight and to feel great .

Change is always difficult, even when it’s a healthy change. If you feel like giving up, think about all of the reasons why you’re doing this that really matter to you.

Making a list can really help. Write down of all the 'pros' of staying on track. For example, maybe you're looking for more energy or confidence, or you want to be a healthy role model for your kids or family.

Staying motivated on a diet involves you setting other goals that go beyond, “I want to lose 10 kilograms.” It involves finding a health partner that offer guidance and motivation to set goals.

Work out 3 times a week, or to eat more fruits and vegetables. Our health goals don’t all need to be based on what we see on the scale. It’s easy to get distracted by the number of kilograms you’ve lost, but there are so many other benefits to being healthy that you don’t see on the scale.

Make an effort to keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy foods. Surround yourself with them, and healthy people . Keep a bowl of fruit on your counter. Keep your commitment to a regular exercise plan .

Secondly Abalisious Health and Wellness offers a great partnership in achieving these goals. Its not easy to stay motivated. Most dieters will tell you . "they have been on hundreds of diets and afterwards, they go back to the same weight ".

You can starve yourself for a week and yes you will loose weight but the minute you start eating again you body stores even more fats because the shocks of dieting has tricked you body to store more fats by slowing your metabolism

At Abalitious we offer the correct solutions to loosing weight and increasing your metabolism to have more energy and to keep yourself focused on your personal goals. We reaffirm your plan to success every week to see improvement through good nutrition and exercise. And here is the key to loosing those pounds and keeping them gone . .

When you feel like falling back into your old routines, remind yourself how important the things on that list are to you. And if your old habits were to meet emotional needs, experiment to fill the void and replace old bad habbits with fresh new ones that make you loose weight and feel great . .

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